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An Introduction to BTC to Kes

by bitcoinmining


BTC is a digital currency that is not backed by any state or country’s central bank. It can also be traded for goods and services with vendors that accept it as payment. BTC to Kes transactions is made by digitally exchanging currencies. It is also a global money system currency.

How to Convert BCT to Kes

This is an automated trading platform. The value of BTC changes after every three minutes. The current tool converts BTC in Kes using the live average currency rate. Research shows that 1 BTC is equivalent to over 1.5 million Kes.

BTC Investment

BTC to Kes transactions allows different people to receive and to send money across the internet. It doesn’t require any closeness as it even allows people to conduct a transaction with unknown people. This means money can be exchanged without being linked to a real identity, all that is required is trustworthiness. Statistics show that the high liquidity associated with BTC proves it as a great investment vessel. Therefore if you are looking for a short-term business profit then this is the best place to join. On the other hand, these digital currencies can also be grouped as a long-term business investment due to its high demand.

BTC to Kes Transaction New Debate

The BTC has been in Kenya for over five years. It is a digital, decentralized currency. This means it only exists online and electronically and therefore there is no regulation by any financial institution. A Kenyan start-up by the name Bit-Pisa now provides a chance to users to send and receive money through BTC. Statistics show that in just two years, the number of users has grown to over four thousand. This came from cheap transfer rates to the users.

Major Risks and How to Avoid Them

BTC is indeed by far the most successful currency globally, but some serious risks may lead to early failure if not considered.

  • Limited Use

Few organizations accept BTC as a form of currency.

  • It’s a Technology  Reliance

This process relies on technology; this means that without technology the entire process is nothing. Unlike other investments, there is no physical exchange of products. Here, with real estate, gold and bonds you own something that can be exchanged.

Advantage of Btc to Kes Transaction

Due to the unique features of virtual currencies, there are some advantages to transact through BTC to Kes. Although over years the digital currency landscape is constantly changing, digital currency’s users should be very careful to weigh their risks and benefits. Below are some of the advantages of Btc to kes.

  • Reduction of the Banking Fees

To change BTC to Kes, users are not subjected to any banking fees associated with kes. Therefore this means, there is no account fees required and no other fees required compared to other transaction investments.

  • It’s a Mobile Payment

Like other online payment systems worldwide, the users of BTC to Kes can do it anywhere so long as they can access the internet. This means the users don’t need to visit banks or shop to buy the products.

  • It’s Accessible

Because users can send and receive BTC with computers and smartphones, it’s therefore available to users without any visit to the traditional banking system.

  • Its Peer to Peer Focus

This system is purely peer- peer, this means users can send and receive their payments to or from anyone network without any approval from the authority.

Disadvantages of BTC to Kes

Like other currencies, some disadvantages associated with the process of btc to kes:

  • No Buyer Protection

When the user buys a product using a BTC, the seller might refuse to send it to the buyer. Therefore nothing can be done to reverse the transaction and this may lead to a serious loss.

  • The Transaction Wallets Can be Lost

In case the virus interrupts the wallet file, the BTC will have lost and nothing can be done to secure this problem. Therefore this can lead to bankruptcy and in fact, even the coin owned by the investor will be permanently orphaned.


Therefore, we can position ourselves for the opportunities that come with this technology. Your last option is to decide when to hold your assets and hoping the price to go up.

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